Roses Match photos


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I think Bean looks a top prospect. He can bat ... properly .... good defence. I know these things should not be rushed but surely he deserves a proper contract and next season we might see XI drawn from

Lyth, Bean, Hill, Masood, Fraine, Tattersall, Duke, Revis, Wharton, Luxton, Bess, Shutt, Milnes, Mike, Coad, Fisher, Leech

We will not see ........ Barstow, Brook, Root, Malan,

and very little of .... Ballance, Rashid and possibly Thompson.


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That's a class list of players, Donnylad. My verdict is still out on Fraine and Wharton, and of course on the two incomers. I think we will either see Gary Ballance all the time, or not at all.

Next cabs off the rank: Vagadia, Cree, Cliff.