Illingworth's Ashes


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Australia v England 7th Test SCG 1971
Extended highlights, not just 4s and wickets.
Illingworth, Underwood and Knott, and some of the plumbest lbw not-outs you could ever imagine.
Snow, Lever and a very young Willis.
Hampshire and D'Oliviera.
One or two of the Aussies could play a bit, too.


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Thanks very much DaveMorton, I've just watched the first 10 minutes as I have places to go before the EGM.

Brilliant catch by Bob Willis and bowling too, to get Chappell, a great taster for the rest of this Test. Yes, a very young Willis, sadly died young too in 2019.

Away over weekend in Derbyshire so I'll miss the T20 final (if it's on), but I won't mind if it's raining on Monday as I can gladly hunker down and watch this Test right through. Thanks again.