Gary Ballance and Steve Patterson careers in photos


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I have produced, I hope, a fitting tribute to each of these fine players. In Patto's case, it was just a final season update; for Gary, I had to begin from scratch. As it happens, I saw each player's f-c debut, and his final game for Yorkshire. I also saw Gary's first and last games for England.

My final task of the winter will be to update Adam Lyth's picture profile.


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Patto and Gary. what an enjoyable scan through the YCCC careers of 2 excellent cricketers who served the county well.
The unkind and unwelcome (respectively) departures will be put to one side to enjoy the memory of their outstanding achievement for the club.


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Really enjoyed viewing these clicking on each in turn, some marvelous action shots of each and I always look for expressions on everyone's faces.

By the time I'd finished I'd spent 40 minutes looking and appreciate a lot of time and effort went first if all composing the shots and secondly putting these albums together

In fact, a proper retrospective for each servant to the club and where none have been provided by the club