County Championship Div 1 2022 predicted positions


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So lots of late movement in the CC Div 1 table as we, very unfortunately, know. And changes in our final table. Please feel free to check for mistakes.

byased 18
Newby and steve 15
DM 14
Hawke 13
Donnylad 12

Byased got for 1st and 2nd right. Well done.
Kent, Northants and, of course, Yorkshire generally confounded our predictions.
Gloucestershire gained most points for us.


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Ah well, next year is another season ....... but some 'new' teams to conjure with. Wonder if I will any better at guessing, sorry predicting, the div 2 standings?


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Thanks for organising that Hawke, we should have stopped it after the first 6 matches when I had a clear lead.

More importantly that was before Yorkshire imploded.